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She got him.

“It might be because of that, yeah.”

And hey, it was hard for him to think up of a comeback. It was hard to come up with something witty when she had those eyes of her drilling straight into him. When she had that smile on her face that was speaking directly at him ‘I know I’m right, I know you’ve lost.’ And hey, she was his friend. His buddy. His partner in the string ensemble. He had to lay off the sarcasm at some point. Act as if he was fallible.  That probably made him a better friend, or something. That probably made Serena like him a little more.

“To be honest Keith’s better but hey, I gotta give support to my kin, y’know?”

And he laid back in his couch, pretty sure that he’d said all he’d wanted to.



One more thing.

“And yeah, Probst is… really into his alpha males. I saw that video you gave me - the one with Boston Rob in it. To be honest I’m a little surprised that Probst wasn’t the one Rob married at the end of that season.”
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