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She heard the sounds of footsteps and whispering down the hall, her hands were shaking as the shots came down the hall. He finally showed himself, firing from his hiding spot, calling her crazy. Like he should talk.

One missed, but the other hit her leg. As it hit she let out a scream as she fell on the ground. She supported herself onto the wall with her free hand. She put her back to wall as her hand took hold of the hit area, she saw the blood on her hand and felt sick knowing it was hers.

"I'm crazy?! I'm not the one running around beating people to death for their food!" Her voice was hoarse as the words flew out. Everything felt terrible. Her left leg felt numb. Her hands was shaking. Her entire body was, but that was not going to stop her from letting him have it. She would let him know in so many ways how he deserved to die.

A brief flash again, A boy lay against the wall at the end of the hall looking at her, his legs were a mess of blood and bone. Mumbling incoherently as he thrashed in place. She pointed her gun and sprayed down the hallway.

“You think your family's gonna want you back after all you've done?!” Was that really his goal? Just to get home and ignore the consequences? He must have known they would never want anything to do with his psycho ass if he did get home.
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