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Sometimes it felt like Jeremy was deliberately trying to make her pout or frown at him, even with the goofy smile on his face as he started talking about Malcolm. So She did, Sure she was one of those sad at the time when he went out, but she was definitely was not one of those fans who cried when it happened. No siree.

"He definitely will. You've seen the way Probst looks at the guy. He loves those types of players." He really did, it was hard not to notice since he never shut up about them. Although Serena would grudgingly admit, many of them were good at the physical challenges. Malcolm was one of the rare ones good at the strategy part.

"Eh, that season wasn't that good anyway. It had Philip and that creepy Hantz guy after all." At least, that's how she thought of it. for a season named fans vs favorites, not a lot of favorites people would admit to liking in the slightest, least of all Philip.

She noticed that he'd scooted over for her to sit, which was nice. "Thanks" She said as she sat down and looked at him, serious in the face. "Seriously though, why Jeremy? Guy kind of spent the whole season acting like he was the only smart one there and was kinda whiny, you know?" He was one of those super fans of the show, which could make them a bit insufferable regarding certain aspects of it. She certainly felt that when watched that season. A coy smile came to her face as the follow up question came to her mind, a bit teasing. "It's not because you both have the same name, is it?"

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