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Min-Jae’s question caught Nate off guard. It was a sudden thing to ask, and not exactly easy to answer either. He didn’t exactly have much to go off of, after all.

“We just met, so I don’t really know.” He replied, not moving from behind the shelf. He still felt like he should.

“Have you done something that you thought was crazy? I know what that feels like, at least.” He smiled a little to himself, thinking back to heading up to the bridge. It was a good thing he didn’t have much longer left to live, he supposed; he didn’t want to be carrying that memory any more than he had to.

Was that what Min-Jae was worried about? Again, there wasn’t really any way for him to know. Maybe he was feeling that bleak, maybe he was going crazy like Alvaro and Nancy. Maybe he already had, and Nate would be none the wiser. At least, he’d be that way as long as they kept the distance between them.

“Well, it’s not just you. I think everyone’s going crazy by now.”
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