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Can you hear me?
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He did. He’d stepped closer. Though, Emma didn’t like that tone. It seemed tense, angry. Like he didn’t like that she’d asked. Or that he had something to hide? Maybe? It didn’t look like he had anything in his other hand, but Keith could still have a weapon. Pant legs and shirt were still a possibility. She could ask to frisk him or something, pat him down to see if there was nothing hidden. But then, she’d have to get close to do that, wouldn’t she?

“I guess so,” she replied.

She bit her lower lip for a second. It felt dry. Another adjust, one more deep breath. Keith could still do something. Mug her, hurt her, something. Even if he wasn’t a killer, she didn’t want to risk it. He was taller than her, and while she had no idea if he was stronger than he looked, he still had an advantage. While she had the sword, he could easily knock her over.

The light was still dim, but something seemed to ring a bell about their surroundings. Emma looked off to the side for a moment, at the table she’d been resting at. Something snapped into her brain. She looked back at Keith.

Alessio said something about a cafeteria, didn’t he?

“Keith… why did you come here?”

The sword felt heavier than ever.

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