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She'd found him. Okay, Matt thought. Sure. Why not. No easy way out of this. For a brief moment he heard Serena open fire at something after taunting him. Trying to make him jump out, or something. He'd wait for her for about as long as he could. The other occupant of this room - the only other living occupant - had started to move around. Very quickly, he put a finger up against his lips as he had earlier. "Be fucking quiet," he whispered harshly.

He gripped his shotgun tighter. He'd have to do this quick. Quicker than she could react to. He ran down all the possible scenarios in his head -

Serena was getting closer.

No screaming. Trying to make as little noise as possible, he ducked out from behind the doorway and raised his shotgun to meet the general direction she was approaching from. Fire, pump. Fire, pump. He shouted before ducking back inside, continuing to yell.

"Fuck you," he screamed. "You're fucking crazy."
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