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The pauses between her saying she didn't know felt like an eternity. He didn't like being up for scrutiny as someone who was trustworthy enough or good enough or whatever else to stay around.

He didn't mind being asked to step forward. However, was she expecting him to have a bazooka in his other hand? She should have damn well knew what Keith looked like, they'd only gone to school together for, well, long enough.

But he didn't want to wander the island alone and afraid for awhile.

He took a couple longer strides into the room. The light was dim that it was possible she wouldn't see him that well at this point.

He could have turned the flashlight up so she could see him better, but he needed to be able to see what he was getting into.

"Was that helpful?"

He knew he sounded impatient and frustrated, but given the circumstances, who could blame him.
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