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Kimiko heard the pounding of footsteps against the hard floor and opened her eyes. Her meditation interrupted before she could come to any conclusion, she moved her hand up to rest on the gun waiting to see who the footsteps brought with them. The answer was a boy ran with a shotgun gripped between white knuckles who entered the room. He was running from something, Kimiko waited as he moved around to doorway in an attempt to hide while peeking out into the corridor. It would have been easy for her to shoot him then. All she needed to do was raise the gun and pull the trigger.

Only once the boy seemed comfortable with where he had chosen to stand did he finally look around the room he had barged into. Their eyes met and he raised a finger to his lips before whispering instructions to her. She would have laughed at them if she could. Instead she merely cocked her head as she looked the boy over. He seemed to be genuinely scared for his life. Kimiko meanwhile did not fear for hers.

She could hear the girl that was chasing him, she assumed it was a girl from the voice. She could hear her movements and taunts. She also revealed the boys name, Matt. He must have been the Matt she had heard about on the announcements. He had killed twice but despite that Kimiko knew she was safe, even considering his efforts to try and threaten her. If Matt wanted to succeed in hiding from his pursuer he would need to remain quiet. Kimiko could use that.

If he attempted to kill her he would alert his pursuer. Despite her relative safety based on the situation Kimiko knew better than to treat it like a certainty. Slowly she raised her hands up and stood. On one side of the room there looked to be the remnants of what she guessed had been a one-way mirror. Keeping her eyes focused on Matt Kimiko moved over to it. There were gunshots as whoever it was hunting Matt attacked a real or imaginary threat.

Kimiko kept her hands where Matt could see them as she crossed the room. Whatever was about to happen she knew it would be dangerous for her to stay where she was. As she reached the opening Kimiko placed a hand on the edge and vaulted over, ignoring the stab of pain from her shoulder and leg. The fight that was about to happen wasn't hers to become involved with, but based on the sound of the girls movements Kimiko couldn't risk entering the corridor for fear of being shot at.

Instead she hunkered down in what she assumed must have been an observation room when the asylum had been operational, her back up against the wall, and waited for the inevitable.

The fight was theirs to have.

Her only hope was that they finished each other off and left her alone.
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