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((Serena Waters continued from Thnks Fr Th Mmrs))

The screaming from Matt had stopped, but it didn't take a genius to figure out where he went. Wasn't exactly inconspicuous when he ran away, and even when the screaming stopped, his booming footsteps did not.

Back into these rooms again. The sounds emenating from the rooms were still there, but lower and with a faint drone to it. Her ears were ringing as she stepped down the halls slowly checking the rooms. One by one.

"You afraid of me Matt?" It's no use hiding, you coward!" She fired a burst into one of the rooms, as a measure to see if the pressure would get to him. Adrealine was still surging through as she screamed her words out.

"You see those corpses Matt!? That's you in a minute!" She crept closer to the back as she saw a brief flash of someone there in one of the rooms, wasn't Matt. It was someone with a messed up neck and a shit-eating grin. Serena fired at it.

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