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He'd ran faster than he'd ever really ran before. Faster than he had ran from his friends in the basement. Eventually, he decided to stop. He'd wait someplace and ambush her, and kill her. One problem to cross off of the list. One less person to kill. One person closer to winning and finally being able to stop. He looked down. Shaking. Adrenaline mixed with the fear that Serena was going to kill him. She had every right to, really. But to him, the fact that he had killed her friend was outweighed by the fact that they were here. On the island. She had always had the right to kill him. Only now was she taking it.

He hadn't noticed anyone in the room. He stood by the doorway, shotgun in his hands, waiting to hear any signs of Serena approaching. His eyes eventually moved forward, in front of him, and he noticed her. Someone. Drawing a blank. He couldn't remember who this was. Slowly, he put a finger to his lips, asking her for silence. Quietly, he whispered something just barely audible.

"Someone's trying to kill me," he blurted out. "Keep quiet or I'll kill you."
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