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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Ah, there it was. The self-righteousness. The questions. The need to understand why, all because she couldn't do it herself. Caedyn almost pitied he-


Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear. It seems you've made a mess and you can't even explain yourself. Don't worry darling, I'll take it from here.

Just so we're all clear, Fiyori shot her. Everyone saw it coming. Well, everyone except the one who needed to most. That's not what needs to be answered for here. When the assuredly Tony Award winning musical about the life and deaths of Caedyn Miller-and yes, honey, I said when, the talks are already on the table-, there's a hanging question provided by her former team-mate there: Why? Where you waiting for this? Judging by the gurgling, the hole in her forehead and its gaping partner in the back of her skull, and that brilliantly convenient little tag up there, I presume she's not in any state to answer it. That's where I come in. There's a very simple answer, really, and it's the same answer to every question about her.

Why lie and cheat and stir up trouble for no personal gain at all?

Why party with people she hates and sleep with people she can't stand?

Why strip and smear and sermonize identities she never really held in the first place away just to spite those who love her?

Why love Jasmine?

Why manipulate Oskar?

Why smash Bridgette's head in?

Why shoot Jeremy?

Why taunt and torture Cass?

Why cheat Fiyori?

Why die?

As I said, the answer's very simple: Because she could. And if you could do anything...

Well. Wouldn't you?
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