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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba listened in as Caedyn spoke. Caedyn tried to make excuses for what she did, and then tried to turn the subject back to them. The two of them were holding guns to one another, and it was clear that a fight was going to occur. One or both of them were probably going to die right now. Alba knew she'd probably have to fire, but there was something else getting her right now.

Caedyn wasn't like Kaitlyn. Caedyn was enjoying this, but there was something much less tolerable about what Caedyn was saying. Alba winced, then moved her finger closer to the trigger.

"Oh my god... you don't even care," Alba said.

Alba briefly bit her lip and started to talk.

"This is all a joke to you. You just killed someone and don't even care that you could die right now. I mean, I know you didn't have the best rep before we came here, but were you always so shitty?"

Alba shook her head. Fiyori was probably dead now, and Caedyn was clearly the kind of person she should have shot on sight.

"Caedyn, were you always just waiting for something like this game to come along?"
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