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Awww. Alba was pointing a gun at her. That was kinda cute. The only problem was Caedyn had had a lot of guns pointed at her, and you know what she'd learned?

People who had any intention of using them didn't chat you up. They just pulled the trigger. That pretty much summed up why she'd done what she'd done. But Alba wasn't going to get that, so she had to teach her. She could focus on her now, after all. Fiyori was dead. Caedyn won. There was time for a little fun before the inevitable.

The Cassowary clicked her tongue and let her vision settle. The world was still ringing, but she could play through the pain. She'd acted through worse hangovers, probably, and this was gonna be her finest monologue. "Now, technically speaking, I did exactly what she said. Let the record show: At no point did the defense state 'and let me get my gun out first.' All that was guaranteed was no whining, posturing, or complaining. Just...how did she say it? Judgement-free murder."

A giggle echoed through the room, distorted and alien in her damaged ears. Could be the endorphin rush as well. It was making her giddy. "So I murdered her, and I didn't judge her for dying like a stupid bitch. Fair's fair, right?"

The barrel of the gun bobbed a little as she stared into Alba's eyes. "So...how did you wanna do this? Feeling an open casket? Or is that dumb? Nah, don't say it, that's dumb. We'll be soup by the time they send us home anyway." Caedyn's index finger came to point at her temple. "What do you say, promise to give each other nice clean shots to the skull? I gotta get some karma back for styling on Fi like that, so I'm feeling generous!" Push her hand. Make her realize she can't do this, just like all the others. Alba was as weak as Nancy, and Oskar, and Kimiko, and Jeremy, and most of all Fiyori. She'd crumple, and she'd try to negotiate, and she'd die.

That's how this always worked out. It was almost getting boring.
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