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Alba's eyes widened when she heard Fiyori's proposal. She couldn't believe Fiyori would be suggesting a game just like Kaitlyn. Maybe this one was a lot more reasonable and balanced compared to Kaitlyn's cove-drowning game. But either way, Fiyori was looking for trouble, and she was likely to die because of it. If Fiyori lost, then Alba would be alone, and with an armed and dangerous Caedyn.

Alba stepped a little back from Fiyori. She wasn't going to run, but she wanted to give the girls their space. She breathed a bit when Caedyn agreed; not from relief, but just from a need to exhale from stress.

Of course, the stress immediately returned when Caedyn raised a gun and fired. She let out a cry as Fiyori fell to her knees. Caedyn got knocked back a bit, which gave Alba time to raise her rifle to Caedyn.

"Don't!" she cried out after Caedyn hit her head against the wall. "Don't try anything!"

Caedyn then pointed her gun towards Alba. Alba swallowed a lump in her throat. Caedyn asked if Alba was Fiyori's back-up.

"I was just traveling with her," Alba said. "I didn't know she was going to do this."

Alba quickly glanced back at Fiyori, then Caedyn. She couldn't believe she was actually in a standoff again. Fiyori was hurt, and Alba was now probably going to repeat what happened with Kaitlyn.

"Why did you shoot her? Why didn't you at least try her idea?"
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