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Fiyori was the problem. She had to keep her eyes on Fiyori. Caedyn knew Alba. Even now, Alba wasn't just gonna go wild on her. They were friends...sorta. So it wasn't important to try and play to her. This game was gonna come down to the wild card.

The offer left her blinking for a few moments. It sounded like a pretty good deal. Not like she cared too much whether Fiyori was angry about the fact that she was gonna die or not, but...yeah. Sure. It'd be nice to have a little validation for once. She could see the whole thing playing out like a movie: backs to each other, guns drawn. Ten paces or whatever the fuck they could squeeze out of the room, with Alba as their witness. A sudden flourish. Muzzle fire. A body hitting the ground as a gun clatters across the panning camera shot, settling on a shocked, dead face. No judgement. No posturing. Probably just a few simple rules and a good, clean, fair kill where the best woman won.

Caedyn furrowed her brow like she was deep in thought. "Okay...yeah. That sounds pretty good."

She didn't look up before the gun came flying up past her side. It hadn't even stopped moving when she pulled the trigger and the kick sent her stumbling backwards. Her head hit the wall and set her ears ringing...well, either that or the gunshot. Probably that.

Under the ringing she could barely hear herself. Her voice came out as a hacked wheeze. "But then that happened, sooooooo..."

It was a struggle just to try and look straight to see if she'd hit. But she didn't have to look. She'd had a big enough target to play with, and The Cassowary knew how this scene played out. The best woman won. Because the best woman didn't play by anybody else's rules.

The gun was already pointing vaguely in her direction, but Caedyn's blurry vision eventually caught up with Alba too. A dazed smile oozed across her face. "So like, were you her back-up? What's that like?"
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