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Was Keith lying about not having a weapon? Emma didn’t know. There were plenty of reasons why to lie about that sort of thing. Maybe he had one hidden on him somewhere. Where? Pant leg, inside of shirt, maybe? There were plenty of places to hide a gun, for example, or maybe a knife. Maybe some places she didn’t even think of.

Emma shook her head.

“Don’t know,” she mumbled quietly, once again to herself.

So unsure. She had no idea who she could count on at this point. It was kind of like… there were people she couldn’t trust, and then there were people who she simply had no idea on. Were there people she could trust? At all? People still alive? Even Lily had done things. Things that Emma was still trying to figure out how she felt about them.

Her heart was pounding. She just kept staring at the beam of light, and the shape behind it. Her hands shivered as they were kept wrapped around the hilt.

“Don’t know…” she repeated.

Another moment’s thought. Then:

“Can you step a little closer? Like… it’s dark. And I can’t get a good look?”

She hoped that wasn’t dumb, either. She hoped that it wouldn't mean the end of her that she asked to take a closer look. She hoped.

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