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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Should have picked up on the footsteps coming down the hall. Her gun should have been up as soon as the heavy breathing carried through the door. The last excuse she had was the sound of the door opening, that alone should have been enough to throw her at the ready.

She could feel her arms around her neck. That small hand grabbing her collar so tight and pulling her in for a kiss. Jazzy never was a great kisser if you went with the classics, but god did she give it an effort. Somehow when she'd held her like that, it made her feel so small in a way that was safe. Comforting. She'd never really thought about it all that much when they were together, but now thinking back on it she could feel that warmth as strong as ever. She never wanted to let go of it.

And then it was gone.

Fiyori was there instead.

Enter: Ghost of Infidelities Past, Center.

Caedyn stared up at her from the floor, her gun still hanging loose in her hand over her knee. "What's up, Fi?" Honestly, it was far from the worst spot she'd been in. Kimiko. Jae. Whoever'd shot her back in the closet. None of them had seemed that interested in talking, so it couldn't be that bad. Or maybe Fiyori liked to play with her food. It didn't make much difference either way. Caedyn was gonna kill her either way.
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