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[[Fiyori Senay continued from Origin of Symmetry]]

Fiyori ran.

There was, of course, no particular reason as to why she should have done so. She did not know where her targets were, nor where they would go. Speeding up was of no poiny. And yet she felt a heroic wind driving her, replenishing her at the same time.

In the end, all that mattered was that she survived. As long as Fiyori lived, they all would come before her eyes. Slowly, bit by bit. And Fiyori would kill them all.

Fiyori arrived at the lobotomy lab. When she stopped, she noted her body heaving under the weight of the physical exercise. She felt none of that.

What was present, however, was an urge. A hunger, a wish to finally eat again. It was strange, as strange as things could still be. Fiyori required roughly 2000 to 2100 kcal per day. Taking in the varying levels of exercise she got in over the days, Fiyori should have rationed her good perfectly.

But apparently she did not, and now she had this unbearable hunger.

Speaking of unbearable.

"Getting lost in thought, Caedyn?"
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