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What was Alba going to do right now? Was she going to sit in the tower and listen to Jenny from the Block? Was she going to go wander off alone and let some horrible fate befall her? Was she going to go off on a revenge quest against Jae and whoever else was left at this point that was clearly playing?

She had a bevy of choices, and each had their pros and cons. She paused and thought quietly. After surviving nine days on this island, what was Alba's choice for Day 10 and beyond? She hung her head down a bit, then turned to face Fiyori.

"I'll go with you," she said.

Alba sighed.

"But I'm not going with you to hunt people down. Believe me, I'm just as angry and sad as you are, but I want to be smart, and I want to be careful. More importantly, I want to protect anyone left who matters to me in the slightest."

Alba slung the bags over her shoulder and faced Fiyori head on.

"If we run into Jae, Kimiko, or whoever's playing and they try to kill us, I'll help protect you. I'm not happy about it, but at this point, we have to protect each other when we can, even if that means killing."

Alba stepped a little closer to Fiyori.

"But I still want to be the kind of person who can go home after this, if I'm the winner of course, so I do have some boundaries on what we do. Does that work for you?"
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