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Nate gripped the corner of the shelf as Min-Jae downed his water bottle, regarding him back in kind. His head shook in response to being asked the time, still holding his position as the trivial question took a backseat to the current situation.

Between the drinking and the bandages on his face, Nate was naturally reminded of earlier with Clarice, whom Min-Jae didn’t look much better than. Nate was hesitating to lend a hand so soon, although he wasn’t proud of it. Still, the dishevelled stranger across the library was a far cry from the familiar face in the flooded basement, and the distance between them was preferable to none.

“A mask?” he replied, raising a quizzical eyebrow at an odd question. “I haven't seen anyone in a mask, sorry.”

As if the place wasn’t miserable enough, had someone decided to rip off some slasher movie? It would sound almost stupid if it wasn’t disturbingly possible by then: Nancy’s corpse was still in spitting distance, after all. It wasn’t someone he hoped to meet soon, that was for sure.

“Have you seen Clarice Halwood? She was in the basement with me, and she went off to look for someone.”

Had she said who she was looking for? He was having trouble remembering, but he didn’t think she’d given a name. Could Nate have found them first?

“Was that you?”
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