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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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There was a logic to it. Really, she'd thought the whole thing out. At this point people were gonna be scurrying to hidey holes like this one whenever they were safe just to avoid anybody with a gun. You had to know where your prey was if you were gonna be an effective hunter. The Cassowary knew that. She was a goddamn apex predator. Nowhere was safe from her.

Yeah. That was it. Definitely wasn't wandering aimlessly to places that reminded her of Jazzy. That was just a coincidence. No need to look into that.

Just so happened she was sat against the wall right where they'd curled up together that night. She wasn't staring at one of last spots she'd held her. Kissed her. Had her. Just so happened that it was in her sight lines as she stood guard in the room, waiting for someone to stroll inside thinking they'd be safe here.

When she shattered that thought with a bullet to the skull, she wouldn't be thinking that it should have been her. Jazz wouldn't collapse to the floor of her mind's eye again. And she wouldn't feel anything before she moved on to the next spot.

Maybe the garden. People would feel safe in the garden, wouldn't they? And wasn't that willow tree the best spot to keep an eye out for them?

Yeah. That was it. Nothing more.
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