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Ty was dead.

These three words stood all by themselves in Fiyori's head. Ty was dead, killed by none other than Kimiko. Fiyori didn't know what to do. No, not in the sense that she had no plan for the future. Fiyori did not even now whether she should move her body, or turn to Alba, or breathe in at all. Everything, everything Fiyori had held for sure and certain was suddenly cast away. Like that, that little thread of - if not hope then something else - was dark and dead.

When they were a bit smaller, Fi and Ty, back in Kingman, they became friends. Her parents didn't really approve of that, of course. As they always did, with judging eyes but ultimately saying nothing. Of course, what they thought was 'this boy has anger issues' and Ty had anger issues.

Yet that all changed with the years. As he matured, as he met Bernadette. He became a better person, one that was in charge of his own beast. So many people in Kingman, so many people at Cochise still saw that raving bull in him, but Fiyori was glad. Glad, and proud. Proud to had been blessed by a friendship with such a great person.

And then the island came, and he stood tall. He had not heard his name once. Even when he could have easily killed with his mighty body he did not. Even when Bernadette died, he did not kill. He was a good man. Out of the many she knew, maybe even the best. Fiyori hardly entertained the thought of Ty being in Survival of the Fittest. But in those brief moments of acceptance, she wished for nothing more than for him to win.

Yet that chance was no forever gone.

"I am... going to kill Kimiko."

Fiyori turned towards Alba.

"I am going to kill Jae."

She started clenching her fist. The final of the three sentences would be left unsaid. Fiyori stared down at Alba.
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