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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((GM and timeskip approved))

So it was because of Fiyori that Blair wasn't coming in. Fiyori could sense it, and simply walked back inside rather than deal with Blair. Alba watched her go back inside, then turned to Blair.

Blair was leaving. She said more people were going to the buildings now and that she wanted to lay low. Alba said nothing as she walked away. She wanted to protest, to go after her friend, to offer a rebuttal to the idea about the buildings, but nothing came. She merely watched as Blair disappeared from sight.

She lowered and shook her head. She was tired, and she knew that running after Blair might not work for her. She had a poor record of running after people, and at the very least, staying here would mean that she'd stay with Fiyori. Even if people were heading to the buildings, there were plenty of buildings left, and they could at least fortify and defend the radio tower.

Alba walked back inside the tower and closed the door behind her. There wasn't much she could do right now, nor that she wanted to do. A few hours of quiet would help.

Alba's eyes opened quickly when she heard the sounds of the announcements. She and Fiyori had spent the whole day in the tower, occasionally chatting, but doing little else. She had slept on the ground for part of the night and took the last watch shift. She must have dozed off for a bit during the night. But now she was awake, and ready to hear what was going on.

Maxim and Tyler were dead. Maxim was one of Brendan's good friends back home, and they had even run into one another at Sadie Hawkins. It was tough to hear that he was gone. Tyler dying also upset her. Brendan never got to make amends for killing Bernadette, and now Alba couldn't even apologize to him in Brendan's stead.

Hearing Brendan's name brought back all the painful memories of his death. Jae got the credit and some praise from the terrorists for the murder, and Alba felt sick.

More names were rattled off. Raina committed suicide, as did a lot of other people. As the game went on, Alba was starting to recognize more and more names. She had no idea how many could be left at this point, but it was getting really close to the end.

Jae got the prize for killing Brendan, and several areas were marked permanent Danger Zones. The tower was safe, so Alba could relax a bit. Not a lot, but it helped to have one less thing to worry about.

Alba stood up and stretched a bit. Bryony, Jon, and Blair survived the night, but so did Jae. There were more and more crazy people running about, and the game was only going to get more intense. She knew she needed to be ready for whatever. If Brendan could get quickly murdered, so could Fiyori, and so could she.

Alba grabbed her bags off the floor and set them on the control panel. She began to go through Kaitlyn's bag. She hadn't touched the contents inside unless she was searching for food or water. The uzi and the landmine were still inside. She had read the instructions for the landmine a few days ago, so she had an idea for what to do. She put the remote for it in her sweater pocket. She folded Jon's jacket and left it on the panel. If Jon came by, he'd at least know she was there.

She began to seal up Kaitlyn's bag and turned to Fiyori.

"How are you doing?" she asked.
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