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Hmm, a conundrum.

As much as Blair wanted to trust Alba, skater girls unite and all that jazz, she was really uncomfortable with Fiyori. She'd basically admitted to being dangerous and shooting Olivia (right, that was her name), and Blair wasn't sure what kind of praise she'd earned. Killing Georgia Lee was hardly a good outcome, and the fact that Fiyori had killed one of Georgia's allies only made it more suspicious.

Frankly Alba wasn't helping her case either, the comment on an arrow was awfully specific. There was a story here, and Blair didn't really want to know it.

It was hard, and Blair found herself at a brief loss for words. Human company had proven sporadic ever since Rene at the church, and Blair had spent most of her time since then engaging in brief, awkward encounters during the few times there was anyone else around at all.

The trouble was, everyone is dangerous. Unless you off yourself or die in an accident (and by this point there was no excuse for stupidity) you were mostly safe when alone. The threat was inherent in company; it's not guns but people who kill people (though obviously guns help) so no people meant your likelihood for death was minimal.

As much as she doubted anyone, especially Alba, would be so sleazy about trying to lure someone to their death, Blair didn't want to risk it. She was armed and dangerous herself, and the larger a group, the more attention it attracts, and buildings at this point were appealing. Even when it wasn't cold or wet, landmarks were good places to look for people (to hold hands with or murder or whatever) and if looting was your thing then corpses were easier to find indoors. The radio tower would not be isolated forever, and Blair would rather not be stuck in a building when someone walks in with guns blazing.

"Hmm, I'm gonna pass." She smiled sheepishly and started walking off. "No offense, but I'd rather lay low, and people are gonna go to the buildings, right? Better to keep on the move, I think."

Turning back as she walked, Blair called out, "Good luck, I guess."

((Blair Moore continued in Toxic))
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