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Here's my boy Declyn as an example

More of my art if anyone's interested mm

Just go ahead and give me a name and description and I'll try my best!

I'll post it here when it's done.
Current requests:

  • Jennifer Perez (MurderWeasel)
  • Gyu-ri Christensen (Cicada)
  • Yuki Hayashibara (Ryuki)
  • Keisha Higgins-Bell (Somersault)
  • Anna "Roxanne" Herbert (Yugi)
  • Michael Crow (Toxie)
  • Aliya Kimia Nemat (Deamon)
  • Asuka Takahara (Zetsu)
  • Alexander Brooke (dmboogie)
  • Lili Williams (CrossbowPig)
  • Helena 'Hel' Fury (EP)
  • Emma Luz (KamiKaze)
  • Darius Van Dyke (RedAstaire)
  • Axel Fontaine (Fenris)
  • Jeanette Buendia (Hello Kitty)
  • Florentina Luz (Hello Kitty)
  • Emeka Gibson (Laurels)
  • Jonah Heartgrave (Rugga)
  • Stepney Cruz (Pippin)
  • V7 Titty Brigade (Somersault)
  • Jonathan Gulley/Michael Crow (Toxie)
  • Caleb Diamond/Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
  • Elizabeth Wilson (Dannyrulx)
  • Nate Turner/Matt Moradi (Slam)
  • Leslie Smith (Katie)
  • Jason Rosser (Inge)
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