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Can you hear me?
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Could he come in? Was it a good idea to let him stick around?

On one hand, Keith hadn’t been on the announcements. That meant, obviously, that he wasn’t killed or a killer. He was still a danger, though. Emma couldn’t tell if he had any weapons on him, much less if he’d use them. It was still dark, even with the flashlight.

Her lip twitched again. Even if her wrists ached, and her head felt foggy, she kept the grip on the sword tight and in front of her.

“It… depends,” she replied. “Do you have a weapon? Or… anything like that? You know? It’s just…”

She adjusted herself again. Deep breath, and another.

“I don’t want to take any chances.”

Just because he wasn’t on the announcements didn’t mean he couldn’t be an issue. He could be a mugger, or someone else who didn’t kill, but did something to harm others. Heck, she wasn’t entirely ruling out Keith being a hallucination. She didn’t know. Just that she was uncertain about him.

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