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((Kimiko Kao continued from Empyrean))

Kimiko was sat in the corner of the room. She had been careful to make sure no corpses where near her, or at least as much as she could do that. Each of the four rooms had contained the corpse of someone she had once known. The one she had settled in had Abigail nestled in the corner but it wasn't her original choice. Kimiko remembered her from the beginning, she had been with Cristo, back when everything had started. Back when she had set out on the path she was now on. It had been an accident then though. She hadn't meant to kill Cristo and indirectly cause Abigail's death as a result. She couldn't say the same thing anymore.

She had avoided sleep as much as she could. She didn't want to see the figures anymore than she had to. After she had awoken, drenched it sweat yet again, she had been convinced that the corpse she had been sharing the room with was moving. So she had moved and that was how she came to be in the same room as Abigail. She didn't want to stay in the one-on-one rooms but the area was devoid of any living people which made it her preferred location.

The announcement had come not long after she'd moved. She heard her own name and the description of her murders as well as some others she recognised. Penelope and Raina, who had raised her hopes only to shatter them had both died and so had Coleen. Just as she had predicted it seemed she had gotten her revenge though. Enzo was still alive as well and for some reason Kimiko felt grateful for that. Counting up how many days they had been on the island and the amount of deaths that had been read out Kimiko imagined they must had been close to the end. She couldn't say for sure however and didn't want to try to guess what the actual number of students left was. She knew it couldn't have been many of them.

She dragged a bottle of water out of her pack and took a long drink from it. How many more days would she have to exist the way she was? She feared sleeping and each day only brought more pain whether it was physical or emotional. Kimiko found herself contemplating Ty's words about home as she realised that if she made it back she would be the new person that she had become during her time in the game. Whatever effect that would have on her life she couldn't be sure of but she knew that it wouldn't be positive.

Pouring some of the water into her hand Kimiko splashed it into her face. Her next move was a simple one, go back to the plan and wait until the end. She had supplies and weapons. All she needed to do was sit and wait. She pulled her legs in to cross them, she had changed her bandages for the first time since she had killed Nancy and the wounds Isabel had given her were aggravated. They hadn't seemed infected though, Kimiko had still poured some water on both of them in an attempt to keep them clean.

Abigail continued to lie unmoving in the corner of the room when Kimiko looked over at her to check before bringing her head back to look straight ahead. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and focused on breathing. She couldn't remember the last time she had meditated but her thoughts were a mess and she didn't know what else she could do. So she sat there, eyes closed, slowly looking inward, praying that she found something.
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