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Well, if nobody was severely injured, it seemed as though Canidce's motivation to try to help was misplaced. Not that she probably would have been able to do much if somebody had been badly hurt. It wasn't like she was a doctor or anything.

"Throw bandages at the problem and hope it goes away" was pretty much the extent of her medical training. Really, nothing that couldn't be done by any random person you yank off the street. But in this case it seemed that level was all that was needed, and had in fact already been administered.

She did vaguely recall that injured people were supposed to move as little as possible and might have questioned the wisdom of moving out, but she kept her mouth shut. For starters, while her initial reaction was "You shouldn't move injured people," after a few seconds she remembered the second part of that instruction and conceded that "Wait until paramedics arrive" would have involved quite a bit of waiting in this particular case. There was also the nontrivial matter that she wasn't part of their group or anything, so showing up out of nowhere and being all contrary wasn't exactly something that she planned on trying anytime soon.

For that matter, if they were all fine and were planning on going on their way, shouldn't Candice go off on her own? Back home, Candice would've considered the reception she'd received to be a clear "I'm not saying that you should go away, but go away." But it wasn't so clear here on this island, where everybody had reason to be irritable, especially when they'd just been shot at. Speaking of which...

They'd been shot.

That was pretty much all Candice could figure out about the situation. These three didn't seem to have any guns amongst them, so it couldn't have been the result of an argument gone wrong. There weren't any corpses around that looked like they could belong to the perpetrator. As far as she could tell, they must have been in a one-sided shootout where one party ran away, but it didn't make any sense to her. These girls didn't look like they could've fled from someone in the condition they had first been in when Candice found them. But it made just as little sense that someone else'd picked a fight and then retreated from what must've been a favorable position.

Then again, everything seemed like it made little sense these days, so she decided it shouldn't be something to fret over. There was, however, one thing she couldn't quite push from her mind.

As far as Candice knew, the attacker was still out there. She'd thought once she'd learned that everybody was fine that she would say something to the effect of "Glad you're okay" and head off in some direction, but the risk that the shooter might come back wasn't small.

Not just the risk that they might attack Candice... these three would also have high risk so long as they were in this area. The decision to move on had definitely been the right one.

Maybe it was a carryover from wanting to help someone she had seen hurt, maybe it was adrenaline or whatever from seeing blood. It wasn't out of the question that it might've just been fear for her own safety, either. But Candice found herself thinking that for the time being, if she wasn't explicitly being told to stay away, she probably shouldn't separate from this group just yet.

((Candice Banks continued elsewhere))
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