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So that was again how it was. That leery feeling people expressed because of Fiyori. Blair was pretty transparent with it, though she probably tried to hide it. The sole reason she didn't want to enter was that she feared to be overwhelmed. Well, it's not that Fiyori could mind her for that. Sure, she felt a moment of petty irritation but Fiyori was a killer after all.

And Blair, all things considered, had to think for herself first.

"Yes, I know how it is."

Fiyori stepped out of the room again, glancing only towards Alba as she mentioned an 'arrow'. Otherwise, she looked straight into Blair's eyes.

"You think I may be dangerous, and you are correct. However...

"In Olivia's case, I felt like I shoot here, so I did. In your case, I feel more like praising you, so I will."

With that, she turned around and stepped into the radio tower once again.
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