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Nate snapped himself out of his focus on Nancy at the sound, wiping his arm across his eyes which had teared up despite his best efforts. Getting to his feet, he clutched a hand to his chest, swallowing his nerves.

“Matt?” he whispered, far too quiet for anyone to hear. He could hear the coughing echoing through the library, but that didn’t mean anything. His heart started to beat just a little bit faster.

He edged towards the noise, away from Nancy and the hatchet still at her side. With caution, he peered around a bookshelf, letting him see that his guest was not Matt after all.

Nate didn’t know Min-Jae, and only barely recognised him as someone from Cochise. He also caught sight of the crossbow laying on the ground, ready to be picked up and fired if need be. He swallowed again, gripping the corner of his concealing bookshelf.

“Hello?” he called out, though his voice caught in his throat on the first try.
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