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Enzo spluttered out some words and sprinted off after Coleen. She was alone again, it was what she wanted though. The rest of the students on the island didn't care for her or see her as person. She didn't feel any connection to them anymore and knew they would all have to die but the conflict within her was still there deep down.

Truthfully she was still contemplating what home would be like and if it would even still be home if she returned. She doubted it would be.

She ejected the magazine from the glock and inspected the bullets. Still the exact same amount as when she had last checked.

Sighing Kimiko pushed it back into place, raised the gun up and fired.

The shot split the air and the casing span out of the gun before landing perfectly upright by her foot.

Kimiko left it there as she returned the gun to her pocket and walked away.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))
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