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Emma frowned. Keith was kind of an odd name to say, wasn’t it? It sounded like “key,” but it had a random -th sound at the end. Though, did she know a Keith? The name did ring a bell, but Emma was drawing a blank on who it belonged to.

“Keith, Keith…” she muttered to herself in thought.

She’d glanced down towards her sword for a moment, before something came to mind.

“Programming?” she continued.

There was a Keith like that, right? One who did computer programming. Maybe? She didn’t hear a Keith on the announcements. That, though, could mean anything. It just meant that he was still alive, and that he didn’t kill anyone either. Whether he was safe, though, was another question. Maybe, again, he was another hallucination. Why she would hallucinate a “Keith,” though? Her head still felt a little foggy, her legs felt off, her arms ached, and colorful shapes danced around the corner of her vision. But he was probably real, wasn’t he?

She looked back up. Her mouth twitched. She adjusted her neck for a second.

“It’s… nobody.”

Nobody? Was that a good response? Emma thought it over for a second. Then, she changed her mind.

“Emma,” she said.

Those two syllables also seemed odd to say. Em-ma. It was her name, obviously, but it still sounded like a foreign language to her. It also felt like she hadn’t said it in a while. But she hoped that giving her name wouldn’t be an issue. She also hoped that she’d be able to deal with whatever this was quickly, and she could probably rest for a while longer. It still felt like she needed it.

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