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Emma heard a noise. Was that the door opening? Slowly, she opened her eyes. With a soft groan, she rubbed her face for a second, gently pushing up her glasses. Then, she saw it, out of the corner of her eye. A dim yellow orb, inside a doorway. She moved to look at it, taking a moment to figure out what it was. Was she hallucinating again? After all, yellow orbs generally don’t just float there, and give off a beam of light, and-

Emma tensed up. It was a flashlight, pointed close to her. Someone was here. It may have been a fake someone, but if it was a real someone… she couldn’t take too many risks. It probably was a real someone, she was sure. Maybe one of the three people at the beach had followed her here. Or, it was a completely different person. Either way.

She pulled herself up, and glanced at the sword. Her hands snapped out and wrapped around the hilt. It seemed even heavier now. Maybe it was because she was exhausted. But the ache in her hands didn’t improve any.

Her tired eyes focused on the shape holding the flashlight. She couldn’t recognize who it was. It looked taller, like a boy, she guessed. But she shook her head. Emma kept the sword in front of her, as difficult as it was. She wasn’t sure if she should say something, but, as dry as her mouth was, it came out.

“Y… yes? Who is it?”

For a moment, Emma let herself grimace, before closing her mouth. Try to look confident. Try to look less vulnerable than she was. Maybe they’d go away, or… something. She didn’t think they could be someone friendly enough.

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