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(Keith Bauer continued from The Waste)

Keith had left the chapel behind and headed back to the asylum and he was just so chilled. It was May and he was freezing. Where the fuck had those bastards taken them? As much as he occasionally complained back in Kingman, he would much rather be dealing with the early summer heat of Arizona than this bullshit.

Of course, there were probably a few other reasons for that.

He wasn't really sure why he had gone back to the asylum. Sure, it was the nearest shelter besides the chapel, where he also didn't want to stay. At the same time though, he'd spent most of his time on the island in or around the asylum, and it felt like all he could remember when walking through its hallways were the people he'd spent his time there with, both the dead and those that had just left him.

Maybe at some point he'd head over to the western part of the island. He hadn't been there, and he wouldn't be thinking about how Joshua was dead in the library he had just passed.

His fingers rested on the door to a room. He didn't know whether it was smart to open it or not. Some killers might think it would be smart to just hide behind doors and stab people when they opened up.

He opened it anyway and no one stabbed him.

It was dark.

He sighed and turned on his almost used up flashlight, not knowing whether to expect carnage or just some classmates watching him uncomfortably.
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