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Null sheen.
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Coleen had just up and ditched them.

Coleen had just up and freaking ditched them.

What the fuck!?

Okay, okay, things hadn't been going great necessarily, but what was going right here? This wasn't part of the fricking plan! 'Stick together' wasn't much of a plan, but the beauty of it was that it was pretty fucking hard to fuck that up. All you had to do was not. Leave. Each other. Something to do? Keep Kimiko company? There wasn't anything that Coleen might just be—



Oh no.

Something she needed to do. Something which she specifically didn't want Enzo to see and equally specifically had been talking to Kimiko about.

They'd made up their mind early about whether or not they were gonna try and get one back for Cameron, and they'd stuck to their guns with that since. With Blair, with Fiyori, and with Alessio. Hurting them wouldn't bring anyone back, no matter how much they might wish it otherwise, no matter how stupid it'd been in the first place. Dead was dead, and that hurt, but more death wasn't the solution.

That was Enzo's mind. Nothing said it was Coleen's too.

Vinny had frozen up as they came to the realisation. Time wasted. Time they hadn't been moving. Coleen had already made distance; they had to hope to god that it wasn't too much for them to catch up on.

"Kimiko—" there were about a million things to say and not a one of them really seemed right. "I gotta stop— I gotta— later!"

They broke into a run.


((Enzo continued in Run))
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