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Monday, February 2nd, 2015: Instant Messaging


[3:43:46 PM] PixelTurtle: Emilyyyyy
[3:43:49 PM] PixelTurtle: I am hooooooooome
[3:44:03 PM] IcyBunny: Oh hey, Penelope! What's up?
[3:44:14 PM] PixelTurtle: nothing much
[3:44:17 PM] PixelTurtle: just felt like bothering you
[3:44:21 PM] PixelTurtle: if I had to think of something though...
[3:44:26 PM] PixelTurtle: the game I've been working on for a while is nearly done!
[3:44:32 PM] PixelTurtle: I got it to a pretty good state last night
[3:44:39 PM] PixelTurtle: managed to work out a lot of the bugs
[3:44:47 PM] PixelTurtle: so that's nice
[3:45:08 PM] IcyBunny: !!!
[3:45:19 PM] IcyBunny: That's really cool! When do you think it will actually be done? I can't wait to play it. ^_^
[3:45:23 PM] PixelTurtle: well, I need to build some more levels beyond the really basic ones
[3:45:28 PM] PixelTurtle: but that shouldn't take too long, honestly
[3:45:34 PM] PixelTurtle: it's getting everything to work exactly how you want it to that's the hardest part
[3:45:41 PM] PixelTurtle: but if I had to guess...
[3:45:49 PM] PixelTurtle: a few more months?
[3:45:58 PM] PixelTurtle: it's a small game but like... I'm working on it between school and other hobbies
[3:46:08 PM] PixelTurtle: these things, they take time
[3:46:23 PM] IcyBunny: Aha, that's about what I expected. Still though, it's really cool that you've been working on it! People really seem to appreciate it.
[3:46:44 PM] PixelTurtle: I mean
[3:46:49 PM] PixelTurtle: perhaps overstating my accomplishments here
[3:46:55 PM] PixelTurtle: I'm just trying to do stuff I enjoy, and if other people like it, that's cool too!
[3:47:02 PM] PixelTurtle: maybe I could turn it into a career at some point, but for right now it's just a hobby
[3:47:26 PM] IcyBunny: If you say so! I think you're really cool, is all. It's why I bothered to message you in the first place, all those months ago.
[3:47:46 PM] PixelTurtle: yeah, I get that whole spiel a lot . x .;
[3:47:51 PM] PixelTurtle: but thank you anyway <3
[3:48:11 PM] IcyBunny: Happy to be of help!
[3:48:25 PM] PixelTurtle: OH WAIT
[3:48:30 PM] PixelTurtle: this whole time we've been talking about me!
[3:48:36 PM] PixelTurtle: forgot to ask you how you've been doing
[3:48:43 PM] PixelTurtle: so... how's about it?
[3:48:59 PM] IcyBunny: Ahh my day wasn't really worth talking about. I haven't been doing a whole lot as of late, even though I've wanted to. I've been taken by this kind of malaise and I don't really know what to do about it. :(
[3:49:16 PM] IcyBunny: My girlfriend has been trying to help, but she hasn't exactly seen a whole lot of success, unfortunately. As much as she makes my day better, she can't really seem to improve my motivation.
[3:49:28 PM] PixelTurtle: ahhh that
[3:49:33 PM] PixelTurtle: really sucks :<
[3:49:39 PM] PixelTurtle: sorry to hear that
[3:49:46 PM] PixelTurtle: sometimes I have similar problems to that
[3:49:54 PM] PixelTurtle: and like
[3:50:03 PM] PixelTurtle: I think the thing that helps me the most is just knowing that people want to see me succeed
[3:50:08 PM] PixelTurtle: so I'm going to, if not for myself, but for them
[3:50:21 PM] IcyBunny: I wish I could feel that same way. A lot of the time it feels like the only people that care about me are you and my girlfriend. And, well... I don't know... even the most basic things are so hard for me to do, and I hate it.
[3:50:37 PM] PixelTurtle: sounds like you're depressed, then
[3:50:42 PM] PixelTurtle: if I was over there with you I'd hug you..!
[3:50:48 PM] PixelTurtle: but I'm not, so all I can say is that you should probably seek out therapy
[3:51:02 PM] IcyBunny: If only it was as easy as you make it out to be. With my mom like the way she is I don't think that will happen anytime soon. :(
[3:51:21 PM] PixelTurtle: you might have to do it yourself then :<
[3:51:26 PM] PixelTurtle: sorry I don't have a whole lot of good advice
[3:51:32 PM] PixelTurtle: and also I think my mom needs me for something
[3:51:39 PM] PixelTurtle: I'll be right back!
[3:51:44 PM] PixelTurtle: feel better, okay?
[3:52:01 PM] IcyBunny: I can try.

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