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Fiyori's eyes lingered on the new-comer a while longer. What did she knew of Blair? Well, not a lot to be honest. Were the same grade back in school, but as far as Fiyori knew they didn't really 'hang around'.

What was there to be said about Blair Moore, though? She had killed, twice in fact. Her first 'victim' was Rene Wolfe, but she did not know of the circumstances. The second one, the more important one, was Georgia Lee Day. Fiyori didn't know the exact circumstances either, but what she knew made feel quite good. Actually, knowing that Blair had killed GLD, and was as careful in approaching Fiyori and Alba as she was, made Fiyori think that Blair was a smart cookie.

At least, that would've been the first impression.

"Sure, let's go inside," she said to Alba, and to Blair she continued, "come, I've got some stuff to say to you too."

With that, she turned around and moved in.
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