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Welp, Blair sure heard her name that time. Wiping her mouth and clearing her throat, she looked inwards at the building. She could make out Fiyori's distinctively tall, dark and intimidating appearance, but she wasn't sure if she'd heard the girl's name pop up at any point-

Wait, hadn't she killed someone yesterday? Wasn't it one of the people there when she'd shot Georgia Lee? Coleen or something? Damn it, usually she had a good memory for this, but with all the stuff from that day and the day after it'd blurred together.

Fumbling with the SMG, Blair tried to gauge the risk of approaching and/or conversing these two. On one hand, Alba had pretty much solidified as someone harmless. Well, not harmless; she was armed, and she'd killed Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was crazy at the time from the sound of it, and Alba didn't strike her as the type to go out and murder people. She'd had opportunity to attack before, and at this stage killing people didn't make you much less or more of a target than doing nothing.

Speaking of killing, Fiyori was more of an enigma, someone Blair didn't know much about from before and whose presence had gone unnoticed for most of their time. All three had blood on their hands, but Fiyori's victim was an unknown. Self-defense, or an attack? It was important to know, but only to inform her further decision. If she was like Alba and killed someone to save her own life, then there shouldn't be too much issue. Then again, if Alba had been chatting for a while unharmed, it was probably a safer bet.

"You got me. I'm just hangin' around." Blair assumed a more flippant tone, but there was still an edge to her voice. And she had a nice gun, albeit one pointed at the ground and with the safety flipped on.

But they didn't have to know that part.
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