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Null sheen.
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Coleen didn't respond to Enzo's shake of the head. The sickly feeling in their stomach plunged yet further.

They hated this in every possible way. They didn't want to have to treat Kimiko like a live grenade. They didn't want to have to worry that letting Coleen a short distance from them was putting her in great danger. It wasn't right; more than that, it was completely and totally fucked up. Sure everything about this was fucked and they'd known that from the start, but this was pushing it into sickening relief. More than Blair suddenly firing off, more than Olivia going out of their sight for a couple seconds and getting shot, more than Cameron dying.

And maybe that just happened to be because they'd met—and trusted—Kimiko before, and nothing had happened. So why was that? Why was it okay then and not now?

Cause they were changing too. And they didn't want to.

Even with the two of them just talking over there, it was—what if something happened? Would it make any difference being over there to being here? Maybe it wouldn't. But being over here definitely wasn't gonna give them an opportunity to help out if it kicked off.

That's what sucked. As torn as they were they couldn't even bring themselves to let it go. Coleen had asked them to stay, so they'd stayed.

And they didn't trust Coleen—Kimiko—themselves enough to be happy with that choice.

Vanessa was dead now too. Someone else they'd met. Right after Cam, sure, but there was another fuck up, there was another let down for Brady and B.B and even Cameron herself. Fuck's sake. Striking out over here, and Coleen was the only one left they could even try to keep that promise with.

Cause you know, over a week deep, the cavalry was still just right around the corner.

They were still just talking. Or more aptly, Coleen was talking and Kimiko was gesturing a little. Maybe things hadn't soured just yet but.

Enzo put a hand across their face, over their glasses.

"C'mon, Enzo," they took the hand away, still there. "C'mon, Goomba..."

And she moved, walked back and then turned towards Enzo completely. No gunshots, no violence. Kimiko was still there. 'Cept there was still a look on Coleen's face, and Enzo knew they didn't like it this time.

Vinny blinked at her.

"I, uh... the fuck? What do you—what do you even mean? What's 'you've got something to do'-? Goom—Coleen! Coleen for fuck's sake, answer me!"

She just kept going.

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