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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen sighed, then let her lips slide themselves into a sorry excuse for a smile.

"Yeah... alright. Boy, Coleen, you find the person least likely to make fun of your face, and you totally blow the social interaction. You go, girl." Now was probably just as good a time as any to head on out, before she had to go and actually make Kimiko angry. She gently pushed off of the old rusted railing and adjusted the strap on her backpack, still clinging to the spear. Once she was a healthy distance away and likely out of sight, she'd have to switch over the gun and be ready for anything.

Vanessa, killed by Maxim. Cameron, killed by Alessio. Brady and B.B., killed by crippling anxiety wondering where their missing friends could possibly... ah, heck, the whole world probably figured it out by now. Now if only the governments of the world, with all of their resources, could track down an entire island and save them. It had been more than a week after all and Google was a thing. So... so why? To know that they were all that unimportant, at least in the eyes of the world, would be disheartening to many.

No time to think about that. Coleen mattered to herself. Enzo and Kimiko mattered, at least they did.

All that had to be forced out of her head. Now, only one thing was allowed to matter and until she accomplished it, she wouldn't let herself lose focus.

Coleen walked backwards the first couple steps but then turned her shoulder and walked the rest of the way off the docks. No sense in keeping her face towards Kimiko. It's not like looking at the girl could stop a bullet if she decided to draw her weapon, so one final display of at least the slightest modicum of trust... even if trust is what apparently got Vanessa killed, not that the voice in the sky could be believed even a little bit, not after the ration of shit he'd been feeding them.

Finally, her feet stepped off of the wood and concrete construction.

"... I have to do something, Enzo," Coleen said flatly. "Keep Kimiko company until I get back."

"And for the love of god, DON'T follow me."

((Coleen Reagan, continued in Waiting for the End))
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