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gg, everyone! I'm pretty happy with my play, barring my asinine train against Vyse on day 1 >.<

That said, as VT said, this game was very, very town sided. Cop + 2 one-shot investigations more than offsets the lack of tracker and presence of godfather. You can practically confirm up to six people as town by day 2, and if it's not six people that's because scum got investigated, which is even worse. And between doctor, 2 one-shot protections, a bulletproof, a vengeful townie (effectively a bomb in this setup), and a commuter, actually successfully nk'ing people is incredibly hard for scum. (Also, this can create even more confirmed townies). Vig + 2 one-shot town kills is also quite powerful. Universal backup is icing on the cake.

I mean, we won with a fairly large margin with a mostly inactive town from what was effectively a numerical disadvantage (5 scum out of 18 (since 2 dropped out on day 1, game size was effectively 18) is more than normal), without our cop and vig, and also Ricky left the game too. There's no way that should've happened.

dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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