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Actually you know what I'm not even going to pretend I don't mean to come off as salty.

This setup was horrifically town-sided.

Town had...

ELEVEN out of FIFTEEN TOTAL TOWNIES with power roles and only ONE role that is arguably negative utility (nexus).

SEVEN protective roles (doctor, bulletproof, bomb, commuter, jack-of-all-trades, inventor, universal backup).

FIVE killing roles (vigilante, bomb, inventor, jack-of-all-trades, universal backup).

FOUR investigation roles (cop, inventor, jack-of-all-trades, universal backup).

Meanwhile, scum had...

One hitman with kill-piercing that apparently didn't even work and at least one role that it wouldn't have worked on period (commuter).

One roleblocker that can only stop one of town's ELEVEN power roles a night and that's purely by random chance.

One godfather who wasn't bulletproof in a game with more town killing roles than town investigative roles.

Five safe-claims that were bad flavor-wise and hilariously bad in terms of the roles selected for being safe (FIVE vanilla townie claims in a game where town only had FOUR vanilla townies).

TL;DR this game was disgustingly town-sided and it wasn't fun in the slightest to play.
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