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Jun 22 2017, 07:35 PM
I had fun with this game for the bits I was in (though I fell out of following it afterwards for non-game reasons). I can't speak to the flavor, but I think having double role PMs for scum is a solid way to handle some of the unique setup elements (including the quoting of PMs) and it's cool to see that that's how things worked. I also am always pleased to see games that skew a bit more vanilla in setup/roles involved, and that's not afraid to assign some vanilla townies.
There weren't that many vanilla townies, though. There were four total in a game where the mafia got bad safe-claims and no power roles beyond the standard ones (and I don't even think my hitman role worked, my kills were blocked multiple times). Town meanwhile got loads of good power roles. Really the only way I think it could have been stronger is if there was a watcher in play.
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