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Oh yeah. That look spoke to her more than Kimiko could have ever said, had she possessed the capability to speak.

"I'm sorry," Coleen was quick to say. "That was a stupid question. I'm just... I'm just on the track to becoming, I feel, not a really great person." She found eye contact with Kimiko difficult to maintain, and increasingly so by the minute. Eventually her eyes fell to the other girl's feet. "Because... for a while, I figured the best thing to do would be to take myself out. I... we all knew what was in store for that and when I thought about it, I wanted to jump in the water."

She sighed.

"You know Arthur Bernstein? He was there with us, in the gym." When Kimiko killed Bradley, Coleen thought, but those next words were better off left unsaid. "He helped me out for a while. Was just there until I could rediscover the way... not like, the way out but... shit. How to describe it..."

She could bear to meet Kimiko's eyes again. How she wished she could be talking to the girl back home, the girl who never became a killer, and also as the girl who never killed her friend. Just another burden on her shoulders she had to live with for a little longer, no matter how long or shit it might be.

"It hurts. I just wanted to know if it hurt all of us the same way. You, to me, to Enzo. Because we're still people."

Her ribs pressed into the railing. She figured soon, it would be her time to go.

"Pain's one of those things in life, I found, that's going to find you no matter what. And if I learned anything here, it's that I can't go through the rest of my life being afraid to get hurt." Whether it was hurting from her mistakes or the misdeeds around her or to her, it was all the same. The fear wouldn't make her death come any sooner or later, it just made the point up to it more miserable.

"Anyway, sorry for talking your ear off."
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