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"I see."

Those were the only words she could spare. The ever-present hint of a smile now vanished.

So that was it then, huh? Brendan was dead. Dead and gone, and Fiyori would never ever see him again. Never touch him again. That was actually weird. Very weird. A strange feeling, like a tickling sensation going under skin. Highly unpleasant. It wasn't like that with Danny. She didn't know why. That was making her angry, just angry and pissed at Isabel but now she cannot feel the same for... Jae.

She felt sad. But though she had no drive to find him, Fiyori knew she'd kill Jae if she ever found him. Kill him, gouge his goddamn eye balls out and shit on them.

But for the moment, just sadness. Empty sadness, the kind of sadness she always felt at everything. She'd rather be furious and grieving but it was all too subdued to her.

Regardless, something else has caught their attention for the moment. Blair Moore appeared.

"I guess that's convenient."
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