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Coleen acknowledged the answer she had been given and continued to speak. She spoke wishful thoughts about getting home and writing music, clearly the girl didn't expect to make it off the island. It was just as well Kimiko thought, she knew what it meant if both of them expected to be the last alive. She also spoke about how tired everyone was and how sleep was becoming difficult.

Kimiko knew that all too well, every time she eventually fell into a slumber she would be awoken not long after by a nightmare. It had been a consistent occurrence every night since she had killed Caleb. The idea of having to sleep scared her, but she knew that she needed to do it in order to stand a chance as the game went on. As Kimiko stood there in front of Coleen she found her own thoughts drifting to back home. She was certain the nightmares would follow her there, no matter what happened.

Kimiko returned her focus to Coleen who was speaking again. She wondered what it was that made Coleen so willing to share her thoughts with her. Maybe she thought that because Kimiko was a killer that she would be more understanding or maybe Coleen just needed to tell someone and it was easier with someone who she didn't know very well.

It was clear that Coleen was planning on going after someone to get revenge. Kimiko didn't know who it could have been and while before being dropped on the island she would have found Coleen's decision flawed, pointless and achieving nothing but making her just like the person she was after; she couldn't bring herself to care too deeply. There must have been people who wanted revenge on herself, Kimiko was aware of this. There were probably a few who had died before they even saw her. It was the cycle of violence the island perpetuated but despite that Kimiko didn't do anything to discourage or stop Coleen. It made no difference in the end.

Kimiko tilted her head as Coleen asked about Enzo. She thought that Enzo was her friend before they got on the island. Enzo was nice, funny and enjoyable to be around. But Kimiko didn't know if Enzo saw any of their time together at school when they looked at Kimiko. The conversation they had shared in the staff lounge made her believe that they still saw her as a person but...

Upon her return to that room she had shot Ty in the back. He had known it was going to happen, they had both known what their roles were in that scenario and if hadn't of been her it would have been the next killer Ty met. But still Kimiko found herself wondering if her Enzo actually felt less of her or if she was just ashamed of herself and who she was.

Eventually she nodded in response to Coleen.
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