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Coleen shook her head almost as soon as she saw Kimiko's answer. If there was any other answer she could have reasonably expected, she was unsure just what it was. They'd all spent more than a week's time on this island. Finding dead bodies was more and more common by the hour, to the point where they dotted the landscape and served as a more frequent sight than other living, breathing kids. That was just the ones they were able to find as well; Coleen was sure that a few of her classmates leaped or fell off the bridge or over the cliffs, deciding they were unable to take the stress of the island and instead left themselves to the mercy of the waves. Others might have holed up in a dusty crawlspace somewhere, choosing to starve to death or gamble for a danger zone to give them a quicker alternative. Chances were nobody would ever find every single body littering the island, a thought that disturbed her the more she dwelt on it.

"I thought so," she admitted. "We're getting more tired every minute. I keep thinking that maybe if I get out of here, if this were just like a really fucked up camping trip, I could write one hell of a song with it. That's if I can get any sleep. That's getting harder too."

She trailed off a bit and thought. She wanted to ask about the people Kimiko killed. She was alone, for certain. Was she alone because the killing drove others away, or was she alone because she had killed those close to her? Had she killed her friends? Coleen dared not ask, because she was no stranger to having killed a friend. Accident or not, the announcements played for keeps and withheld as much information as they thought might make things entertaining. She had no right to judge anybody.

Coleen lowered her voice before speaking next. "I'm going to be alone very shortly," she said, looking Enzo's way after she said it. "Not... don't get me wrong. There's only one person I want to hurt. It's not you, and I don't want Enzo to see me when I do it. You guys know each other, right?" Coleen looked back to Kimiko. "You like each other?"
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