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Coleen accepted her response and edged her way onto the docks. Kimiko watched her the entire way. The girl was unsure, of herself, her situation, her decisions. It was clear from her movements and the way she carried herself. Kimiko sympathised, she had felt unsure of herself too.

She stopped a good distance away from Kimiko. That was good, it helped build up a small modicum of trust. Kimiko looked over at Enzo who was still stood over on the shore. There didn't seem to be any plan at work between the two. It made Kimiko slightly more relaxed but her hand still rested on the gun in case it was needed.

Just as Coleen was about to ask her a question the sound of the speakers crackled out over the calm lapping of the tide. Kimiko listened and made a mental note of the name Matthew Moradi she only dimly knew the name but he had become very active and therefore a threat to be aware of.

Whatever question Coleen had been about to ask was lost to the wind following the announcement. The girl had lost a friend Kimiko assumed from her reaction. When she asked the question Kimiko saw Caleb's face and then Clarice's. Ty had been Clarice's friend. What would she think? It hadn't been on the announcement but Kimiko knew that it was guaranteed to be on the next one.

Kimiko nodded. She had no one left.
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