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No, he wasn't particularly good at it. Still, he had to wonder what the point of searching for good conversation in the situation they were in.

He picked the half a meal bar off the floor. His stomach rumbled.

There probably wasn't a point. The vast majority of them were going to die, and having had one conversation or another probably wouldn't make a difference for whoever did live, or to the families they left behind.

He bit into the meal bar.

So Fiyori the murderer could could insult his lack of conversational skills all she wanted, but odds were that both of them were going to be dead within a week.

Besides, he'd given what information he could.

He finished the rest of the meal bar in one ravenous bite. His stomach ached less.

It would have to do for now.

He picked up his mostly empty bag and left the chapel. Even though he'd probably be dead soon, it probably wasn't good to let a known murderer know where he was hiding out.

(Keith Bauer continued in Late to the Party)
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