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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Kimiko nodding was the best response Coleen could have hoped for.

"Okay, cool," Coleen repeated, stepping onto the docks. The spear was pointed at her ankle and held in one hand, switched into the left so she could grab for the rusted railing with her right. It looked to be a tetanus-laden thing and a gateway for scratches and cuts, so she resisted the urge to slide her hand along as she walked. Gingerly, she rested her hand on one spot, making sure the piping wouldn't bend or snap off and send her into the shallows. Each step let her trust the docks more and more, happy that whoever built these things had the foresight to have more to them than just wood.

Coleen stopped around 10, maybe 15 feet away from Kimiko. Communication was going to be an uphill battle, but there were a few things she wanted to know. There were a few things she had to hash out with somebody else who had been where she felt she was going. Of those among the living, she could only think of two or three people she felt comfortable identifying as killers. Nearly everybody left alive had probably killed somebody, herself included, though the circumstances surrounding Arthur's death were not the same as, say, Bradley's. Kimiko had been awfully busy since then, and she was still alive.

"Sorry, I know we don't know each other super well," Coleen said apologetically. "I kept to myself most of the time so like... if you weren't theatre or part of our band, we'd never see each other. Hell of a way to meet, huh?"

Well, might as well stop shooting the shit.

"I wanted to know-"

"It's another beautiful morning today children!" The crackle of the loudspeakers' announcements violently shook the still and quiet morning, causing Coleen to twitch reflexively. Crazy as it might have seemed, the voice was starting to grow on her just a tiny bit. It wasn't a particularly harsh listen once he got going, but the subject could have used a little lightening. She wondered if somebody had ever told him he had a voice for radio. Not wanting to compete with the superior volume of the announcements, Coleen let herself remain hushed for now. They could listen to the names for as long as they wanted. She wondered to herself, for a moment, if Kimiko would be on here.

Her fingers wrapped around her thumb and squeezed until she felt her knuckle pop; Vanessa was dead, killed by Maxim. Societal convention would have had her cry or fall to her knees in shock or something, yet she remained standing with little more of a change in posture than leaning her elbow on the railing as she finished listening. Kimiko was nowhere on there.

"... Some more of our friends dead," Coleen murmured. "Unless Brady n' B.B. are here, I guess that means I'm the last member of Peyote Coyote left here."

She turned and pressed her back to the railing, a little less cautious about whether it would snap off now. Her nose pointed in Enzo's general direction at first, then most of the way back to Kimiko. There was a breeze blowing out from across the water and, thankfully, Coleen had her good side towards it.

"What about you? Are you entirely alone now?"
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